Himeji’s local food “Zyoukamachi-dog”


What is Yamasa Kamaboko “zyoukamachi-dog”❔

Zyoukamachi-dog (Yamasa Kamaboko) as famous for Himeji gourmet.

Zyoukamachi-dog is a corn-dog style food with plenty of cheese and kamaboko in a fluffy and sweet dough.

It is very popular among small children and adults especially students as a gourmet to eat and walk in Himeji.

Where you can get it

It’s located roadside store along Otemae street between Himeji Station and Himeji Castle, so you won’t miss it.I think this store is the easiest place to visit. But there are three stores you can get it in Himeji.

  • Otemae store
  • Sanyo departmentstore
  • Yumesakikan